A Comprehensive Traveler’s Guide to LAX

Just like how each and every destination differs from the other, each airport will also always be different from another. The same as wandering through a new city, having to navigate through a new airport could be quite a challenge. You would probably feel hungry and would look for your favorite food house such as Ivar’s chowder or SeaTac for mac cheese but don’t have an idea where to find it. Or you would probably look for a yoga sports house like the SFO’s over at Terminal 2 while waiting for your next flight.

If you are among people like us who just don’t want to sit around in an airport and love to wander around then you’re in for a treat in this article. Today we’ll be your guide through the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

About LAX

Close to the waves of the Pacific Ocean lies Los Angeles International Airport where it is also surrounded by a number of beach cities such as the Playa del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey and a whole lot others. LAX is proud to say that it sits along with 5 other airports in the top 5 busiest airports seat when it comes to passengers and has a major gateway for Asia, Oceania, Latin America as well as Europe. It offers a wide array of hubs for Delta, American, Virgin America, Alaska and United and even hubs for Spirit, Volaris, Qantas, Air New Zealand, Allegiant Air and Southwest. To reduce heavy traffic, LAX transportations are only limited and transit times are strictly implemented in the airport to reduce delays and irritations from customers and staff. The airport provides 9 terminals which include the Tom Bradley International Terminal offering free Wi-Fi without a time lime for travelers. Of course arriving travelers will also immediately be greeted by rental car shuffles standing by in the arrival areas and baggage claim areas.

Eats and Grubs

With its sheer size and good number of Terminals, LAX also offers a wide variety of dining options to its customers and dependent on your location. If you’re at Terminals 2 or 3 which are actually the smallest among all the Terminals, you can have food resto options such as the Slapfish Restaurant for sea foods located at Terminal 2 as well as La Brea Bakery and Gladstone over at Terminal 3. On Terminals 4 and 5 you can also enjoy food varieties from more stores and food shops such as the Border Grill at Terminal 4, Farmers Market on the same Terminal, Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza at T5 and Lemonade for refreshments at Terminal 5. If you’re entirely up to just food then you can also take a visit to the Tom Bradley International Terminal where its main theme is food! Terminal 6 and 7 also provides food options from shops such as the BOA Steakhouse for B Grills and steaks, and the Osteria by a popular chef named Fabio Viviani.


With the many dining options available in the LAX International Terminals, it also offers a wide variety of drinking options. Among those places to check out in the airport for drinks is Jame’s Beach where they showcase classic drinks that you’ve never tasted before such as the Mojito and Manhattan. Also, the newest drink places are also worth to check out such as the Drink.LA which is almost the closest thing over to a first-class airport bar. Over at Terminal 4, travelers can enjoy classic cocktails and drinks such as Bloody Mary over at Los Angeles bar Cole. Terminal 5 too has a number of drink spots which include the Rock & Brews that is rock-themed and offers a wide selection of craft beers and cocktails. Of course other terminals also have the same drink places such as the Gladstone in Terminal 4, Corona Bar located in Terminal 8 and the Vino Volo for fine varieties of wines at the International Terminal.


The Theme Building is among the finest and iconic buildings within L.A. that is located in the airport itself (popular because of its futuristic theme and design that looks like the buildings from the cartoon series – the Jetsons). Open during business hours, the Theme Building is always a sight to behold for travelers whether old or new. The Flight Path learning Center & museum is also worth checking out which is located within the LAX Imperial Terminal and open from Tuesdays to Saturdays starting from 10 am to 3 in the afternoon. Artifacts, airplane models and aviation paraphernalia are what to be expected from the museum.

Within LAX there exists shops and beauty boutiques such as the XpresSpa that is located over at Terminal 5 and another at the International Terminal if you like to relax while waiting for your flight.


With the substantial size of the airport, it is very common to find a number of lounges available which include American’s Admirals Club, United Club, Alaska Airline Board Room Lounge, The Loft and even Virgin America’s very first airport lounge. Among those newest lounges is worth the visit is the Oneworld lounge located at the Tom Bradley International Terminal which is made available for frequent travelers that have an Emerald or Sapphire membership. Also, if you want to know more about the info and whereabouts of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) lounges as well as parking spaces then you can simply visit the LoungeBuddy feature within the Triplt app.