Dating for Los Angeles Singles

Living in Los Angeles and being single is not so easy. Los Angeles is a city that has a night life, like nowhere else..

There are a lot of singles in Los Angeles who are local, and a lot who came form other state. Everyone always complains as to how hard it is to meet someone in Los Angeles; the city full of night life, attractions, gorgeous and romantic places.

All these great places are fantastic for parties and for entertainment, but unfortunately not for meeting quality people, or meeting your sole mate!

Even with all of its beauty, it is still so difficult to meet available singles in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles singles seem to be very different then the singles from other states. I think they have more pressure, because of the typical LA seen and facade of people everywhere they go. Singles in Los Angeles have to work even hard to try to impress each other, so it is no longer dating, it is competition, or just like a circus…

I have visited some of the popular places in west Los Angeles, to see how the singles in Los Angeles meet, mature and intelligent crowd of people trying to get together…

What I find with Los Angeles singles that both men and women are extremely isolated from each other, as though they do not want to meet at all.. You see the sparkle of interest on both “camps” (men and women), but not a lot of people just go for it.

So, everyone is waiting for something to happen, and it’s just doesn’t happen..Why?

If we have these places for singles in Los Angeles to go to, everyone goes with some kind of expectations, however both men and women kind of hold back..Nobody wants to be obvious! We all know why we are there, and what we came for..Right?

So, why to try to play hard to get..You do not have to go home with anyone, just casually meet people, see what is out there, you really never know what you are going get, or who you are going to meet.

I also realize that some single men in Los Angeles seem to be very insecure about approaching women, in the fear of coming across as lame and cheesy..

And some single women, in other hand, seem to be more aggressive and uninhibited,

They just “waive the guys in”. Nothing wrong with that, we are an emancipated society and it is OK for women to be the first to approach the opposite sex.

So, because there is no specific structure to meet singles in Los Angeles, the dating migrated to the internet, to what we call online dating.

Both men and women feel more confident to write about themselves, and what they are looking for in the potential date. Online dating allows you to contact and communicate with the unlimited amount of members, you do not have to feel any kind of pressure or insecurity..You can view the person’s profile,and figure out whether or not you want to meet this person, with out leaving your house.