Five Historic Los Angeles Comedy Clubs

Everyday life is filled with serious things, many of which are stressful to say the least. Comedy clubs come to the rescue, as they provide pure, unadulterated wit and humor. No wonder a lot of people in LA flock to these joints to nudge their funny bones nightly. Since we’re talking about comedy, we might as well focus on the most popular and historic Los Angeles comedy clubs.

The Groundlings Theater
Established in 1973, The Groundlings Theater has been spawning a lot of popular comedians, many of which are alumni of the sketch show Saturday Night Live. Up to now, it still continues its winning tradition of producing fine comedians, as it holds nightly shows performed by a troop of popular entertainers. On the average, gate fees ranging from $12.50 – $21.50 are charged, which are a bit higher than what the average club charges. But hey, if it’s quality that you’re after, spending a little cash wouldn’t hurt.

Acme Comedy Club
Comedy, during the olden days, was taken with a good ear, elegant wardrobes and a smart sense of humor. Yes, and no alcohol. This Los Angeles comedy club ascribes to the given point of view, which might turn off nightly boozehounds. However, true fans of comedy wouldn’t mind, since the venue serves up improv mixed with props, quality performers and audience participation. Acme Comedy Club, after all, is and has been one of the most popular Los Angeles comedy clubs.

The Comedy and Magic Club
The Comedy and Magic Club, as its name conveys, serves up not just comedy but pure entertainment for the senses. At times, you’d catch a range of reputable comedians, including the Tonight Show’s Jay Leno, and there are nights when you’ll be treated to magic shows performed by skilled magicians. Sometimes the acts can get downright naughty, much to the delight of the crowd, which is why those under 18, unfortunately, can’t go inside.

A prestigious bar is reserved for the finest acts in circulation, and Largo comes as an ideal example. For years and years, this club has been playing host to the finest comedians and musicians available. Groups of people flock there frequently, so reserving seats is the best way to gain access. Once inside, you’ll know why a lot of music and comedy fans constantly rave about this place, among other Los Angeles comedy clubs.

Hollywood Improv
This joint isn’t your ordinary Los Angeles comedy club. It provides opportunities for up and coming acts to be discovered. In other words, it holds open mic sessions for audience members who think they are funny enough to have a career in improv. Participating in the open mic doesn’t merit a charge. All you need to have is quality material and enough guts to deliver your lines with exceptional timing. Apart from such, Hollywood Improv is also flocked by some of the best in the business, making it an excellent choice for comedy lovers.

The Laugh Factory
Old reliables are safe choices, for those who wish to have fun with no risks. The Laugh Factory fits the bill, as it features the best local acts and those reputable around the country. Popular comedians are known to perform at this joint, just to see if their material works with the Los Angeles crowd. They don’t often disappoint.

The Los Angeles area is packed with lots of historic comedy clubs. The truth is, you have the luxury to hop from one club to another as long as you have the budget to pay for the cover charges. Every night could be stress-free and filled with laughter if you hang out at Los Angeles comedy clubs, at least occasionally.

Alison covers the entertainment industry for working and aspiring actors and comedians in Los Angeles, Ca. From her home just minutes from the Hollywood Sign, Alison follows entertainment and industry news.